Thursday, June 30, 2005

Last day at aftercare

Wow a 52 week commitment is over. I drove 50 mins +- to get there at 5:00pm once a week in traffic. That is Southern California traffic. I already miss it, beause it was a large part of my first year in recovery. One thing is I am sort of scared because of making a change in my recovery that has kept me sober so far. However I am still on step 4 and my sponsor suggested that I go to a step study to replace the missing commitment. I have learned that when I start protecting my comfort zone I need to take the next indicated step.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Meeting Makers Make It

You know when your head is spinning a meeting sounds pretty good. I always seem to get back some peace when I go to a meeting regardless of sharing. Meetings are tokens as explained to me and you use them up as needed. The only way to get a token is to go to a meeting. See my mind sometimes turns into a video game that only stops with a token or two.

this is all about me!

No just about me not drinking.