Sunday, October 05, 2008

made it

Yesterday was a busy day and I was exhausted. I went to bed last night so early it felt good to be that tired. I needed all the sleep I can get. Two of the boys teams lost and my oldest son's football team won so they are in first place now.

Today on the agenda is clean and watch football games. The house is a mess and it has only been a few days since my wife left. I feel good but I can't go to my meeting tonight so that sucks. Maybe I will break out the big book a read some.


Syd said...

I was tired last night too. Reading is a good thing.

dAAve said...

Teach those boys how to clean the house. It's just as important as the football games.
Big Book = good.

Joe said...

Your a rock Lash, keep on keepin on, btw, got the xanga invite, you thinking about moving the blog or doing some social networking?