Monday, May 25, 2009


Wow there is something about silent films!!

We went to a party today at some friends house. There where 5 couples there and they were all drinking. Man its hard when it was a hot day and you have to watch your friends drink ice cold beer. I was bumming a little bit but I soon got over it because I went home.


Pat said...

When at gatherings like that I sip my water with lemon, think about how much healthier it is, how I will remember the evening on the morning after, and how much better I will feel on the morning after...

My mantra is 'alcohell is poison, I don't want no stinking poison.'

Off to the gym.

Hope things fall into place for your business this week.

dAAve said...

Since getting sober, I try to avoid situations and events like that. I just don't go.

Alix said...

Yea, I can see how that might seem tempting. What works for me is to have a substitute--something to make my palette happy, to quench my thirst, to cure the oral fixation/social pattern, to "blend" in. I always have a Klean Kanteen on me. Strawberry-Lemonade is great on a hot day!

I just read a blog that brought up a lot of disgust people have for alcohol now, in sobriety. Check it out if you want.