Sunday, July 19, 2009


Life has been in session with me lately. I have been busy setting up a new company and trying to keep my marriage and program together. I am lacking in both areas and feeling like I can not do it all.


dAAve said...

Busy, busy, busy.
That's why they tell us to make sobriety our priority. So that we can do everything else.

Thanks for the update; I've missed the updates.

Patrick said...

You can. Stay focused. Go to meetings. Stay Sober.

Steve E. said...

Well, Lash, I don't know you, but saw your listing on Mary C's sidebar. So, at risk of commenting out of turn--shit, you can reject, right?--you wrote:

"I am lacking in both areas and feeling like I can not do it all."

How about letting God take some of the load, or ask God to take charge of what you cannot do for yourself.

~C~ said...

are you staying connected to God on a daily basis?

Ive read your postings, and it sounds like your falling apart.

Step to start. Im with you, best of luck!

butterflygirl said...

Hang in there.

Scott said...

I share your stress... lots of things going on all at once, all important

we came here seeking not only sobriety, but balance. it takes awhile to get balance and is even tougher to maintain.

Syd said...

Being overwhelmed makes me think about first things first. Sobriety is number 1, right?

Scott said...

what up Mr Lash? I hope you're doing well my friend!