Saturday, February 02, 2008

back home

New Jersey was a night and on top of it I have the flu. The project went great but I have only had 5 hours sleep..

the kid is pissing me off by almost becoming a royal pain in the ass. I keep getting a flood of text messages and he is always at the wrong time for me to talk..Shit when I started working with my sponsor I kept it short. I did what I was suppose to and that is meetings.


dAAve said...

I bought a book about Boundaries. It really empowered me.

Scott said...

lol, my 6 yr old son likes to call me at work on the cell. I cannot understand why his mother allows that. She knows how busy I am. Once a day, great... but 4-5 times... not so much! lol Oh well, its good to be loved!