Sunday, September 07, 2008


I built a loft for my oldest son and what a pain in the ass. I decided in order to save money I would download the instructions instead of forking out $400.00 for the pre-cut and pre-drilled lumber. I spent $100.00 at home depot and 500 hours of manual labor, meaning me and my wife.

Football games today + one soccer game. My youngest son played the whole game as quarterback, yeaah.. He scored a running touchdown and threw a pass for a touchdown. Middle son scored the only two goals for his soccer team and my oldest son struggled to stay on the football field because of a sprained wrist.

I need to organized my calender tomorrow, because i have so much traveling going on lately.


dAAve said...

Good stuff.
I'll take the pre-cut and prepared version every time. The easier, softer way.
Make sure the boys know how proud you are. They'll always remember that.

Syd said...

That thong looks as if it must bind a bit. Nicely precut though.