Friday, May 25, 2007

friday night

We all went to my son's baseball party at the pizza place. The kid's had a blast and yes some of the fathers decided to drink. The fathers who drank became knowledge tree's of baseball. It is amazing how alcohol makes you so smart. Anyways I had fun fucking with them as well as another father who didn't drink. I was unsure if he was in the program, but if not I give him credit for stopping. It is funny because I recently met another guy who quit and isn't in the program. However, I need the program with the care of god to be able to make it another day.


dAAve said...

It's intersting to watch normal drinkers. Their ability to "take it or leave it" astounds me. But that is at the core of my existence -- my inability to stop when necessary.
Have a great weekend and don't strike out.

jrhighpeteacher said...

Aren't normal drinkers bizarre? Say things like, *No thanks, I'm starting to feel it.*


lushgurl said...

A speaker on Friday night was sharing how her and her hubby were out for dinner...he had ordered a caesar, and when they were leaving, it wasn't done. She said "You didn't finish your drink". His response? "I've had enough!" The whole room cracked up! Clearly, none of us understood this phenomena!