Sunday, October 07, 2007


I went to my meeting tonight and I felt a little older and wiser. We had a lot of new comers and I felt lucky that I had a few years under my belt. I remember those early sobriety days and what it took for me just not drink for a day. I had the fog in my head well past a year. I hated that feeling of not making sense in what I had to say. It was hard for me and I don't want to have to do it all again. It took a lot out me emotionally as phyically. I feel I just don't have another sober in me today.




Syd said...

I hope that you have a lot of sober days left in you. It sounds like you had a good meeting.

Scott said...

I can relate... knowing what I know now about getting sober, I hope to God I never drink again!