Friday, August 29, 2008

back in the saddle

Thanks MC for bringing me out of the closet, not literally. As usual I have been busting ass especially in this wonderful economy George "got bush" helped us into. He is a dry drunk, so no wonder we are in this mess. George come to my meeting and I will stick a boot in your ass.

The boys football games start tomorrow and I am excited... yeaaah. I am looking forward to seeing my boys kick ass, and my youngest is the quarterback, how cool. I am really doing good with the program it has changed my life and I am blessed.

what to say and what not to say during sex


dAAve said...

I've noticed that during the last year of a Presidents reign, the economy goes to shit. It was the same with Eisenhower, Reagan and Clinton.
It's OK here in Houston though.

Syd said...

Hey Lash, glad that you're back. I agree. Let's throw the administration out on their ears. I'm ready for the oil man and his ilk to hit the road.

butterflygirl said...

Enjoy football. My son is QB too!