Tuesday, January 30, 2007

second life post

You can buy many strange items for decorating your love nest in Second Life. Like, look at this list from one of the merchands. Like an Orgazmic Asian Mint Rug that comes with built-in sex positions, or a Rope Bondage Set for tying people up in a variety of poses, if they wear standard wrist cuffs. Or how about a Tentacled Monster for Females, complete with its own pool. Hm, I'm not sure I really understand sex in Second Life. Like, it seems it usually involves 'pose balls'. What on earth is that? ty sexoteric
  • This is really a time consuming product. I am still convinced the main reason for the draw of people has to do with porn, gambling and a hell of a lot of lonely people. There was one area that pissed me off and that was a pedophile area marked children's playground. Some people created themselves as little kids and performed sex acts with adults under a circus tent. This was to sick for me so I left only wishing I could buy a second life gun and kill the bastards.
  • I am checking out the whole corporate deal of having your company building on the site. You can use the office building as a IM meeting place which gives a personal twist to instant messaging. The graphics for using in the meeting aren't good enough for presentations yet, so its limited. I am trying my best to find any inherent value for second life, so I am giving it another week.

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