Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Back to reality from second life. I have to take my kids to the batting cages tonight. They are doing good, but I have to up the speed to 50mph. Thats about the speed of daaves pitch lol. I also need to work on the fielding and pop flys. I am planning on busting their asses this weekend on the fielding aspects of the game. I have 10 days left to get them ready for try outs and I have a feeling if they don't make it I will be the blame. My wife as been on my ass about this since they signed up 2 months ago. I have been working with them a couple times a week and I think they will be ready. However, the day of try outs will be up to them on how well they perform. All I can do is pray. Life is good through sober eyes.

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