Monday, January 01, 2007

hangover 2007

I ended up not going to my meeting, because my mother in-inlaw and my wife were giving me to much shit. We had the party and people were drinking wine and champagne. I was feeling a little out of place in my own house, however I kept drinking my diet coke. The party ended around 9:30pm and everyone left.

The neighbor across the street was having a party as well and my mother in-law wanted to go. My wife wanted to put the boys to bed, so I agreed to go wit my mother in-law. Everyone at the party was drunk and dancing. I could only stay there for 30 minutes and I left. When I got home I told my wife to go over to the party and I would stay with the kids. I ended up going to sleep around 11:30 pm. They got home at 2:00 am drunk. I was up early in the morning and still sober after another New Years Eve. They were hungover..

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