Tuesday, February 06, 2007

get control

I have so many things going on in my business that it's exciting on some aspects and overwhelming on others. I have an assistant that is located at our corporate office, which happens to be a three hour difference in the time zone. So she basically works five hours for me. What sucks is I can't get rid of her because my boss won't allow it. He has hired twenty year old chicks to work the office, so he has something nice too look at during the day. OK, I don't get to see them nor care too and they have been fucking up email to my clients and messing up projects. I have been doing all the western regional work on my own. I would delegate the work to them however they don't know how to use excel. I thing my boss should screw paying rent for a office and just move his blanket party to the beach. This is me just whining if you have not figured it out yet. The difference today is that I writing about it instead of drinking about it.

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