Friday, March 09, 2007

party too much

Getting a Grip Here’s how to cope if you recognize yourself in the above scenarios. Remember, drunk isn’t sexy. “If you get to the point where you’re the crazy drunk dancing on the piano or in the bathroom puking, people are going to turn and walk the other way,” says Piper. Booze can make you feel irresistible but rarely makes you come off that way. Space your drinks by slowly sipping a glass of water in between each one. Know your limits—and stick to them. Controlled drinking can work. Try this experiment: Set a fixed number of cocktails that you’ll allow yourself to have in a drinking situation. If you break your own rule and exceed your limit, that’s a red flag. Don’t ignore it. Discover excitement without imbibing. All your social functions need not center around a bar. “Find outlets to have fun and meet people where booze isn’t involved,” says Dr. Durkin. “Try a volunteer activity, join a health club, get a hobby.” I HAVE TRIED IT, AND IT DOESN'T WORK. THIS ARTICLE IS CONFUSING TO ME> click to read article

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