Friday, March 30, 2007

san diego

Wow I just got here this morning. I had to stay in phoenix overnight and I had about 4 hours of sleep. I feel like I was doing coke all night.

While at the phoenix airport I decided to go into the bar, because you can smoke in there. This was 6:00 am and yes there were people drinking. They were the double shot crowd. This guy (redneck) who was at the bar smoking and drinking his water, was laughing at all of the people drinking. He said " I can't believe it's 6:00 am and all you people are drinking!, You all must be alcoholics.." I was laughing my ass off as the people drinking we getting more and more pissed off at this guy. He kept laughing at them and commenting, I was waiting for a bar brawl. I had to leave and catch my flight, but it was a good laugh.

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