Monday, April 23, 2007


Damn, I think I might have to get one of these dolls. link

I head for Seattle tomorrow on business.I feel like when will this tour end. I know some people like to travel, but this is getting to be crazy. The next 8 weeks are the same, hell the rest of the year is travel...


piglet said...

i hear your pain, traveling makes for a very lonely life (at least it did for me). i was extremely grateful for the opportunity and b/c i was able to work from home when not traveling.

it's lucrative in a way, hard to give up yet you know it's a hard life. a very hard life.

p.s. do you ever read fortune mag? stanley bing has a great article on business traveling folks.

dAAve said...

I love the dolls.
As a former all-the-time-traveler, I know how you feel. I know it must be really difficult knowing your kids are missing you.
Take solace in that it won't last forever and won't last any longer than you're willing to continue with it.

lushgurl said...

Gosh I'd like to feel bad for your travels, but it is something I long to do! Send me a post card K ?
Easy does it today Lash!
Love ya

Sober Chick said...

You know traveling sounds so good in theory however there is no place like be idle at home sweet home.

So u thinking about getting one of these "bitches" to travel with you? Those are very cool I must confess.

Meg Moran said...

soooo, again I ask is Orange County ever on the itinery? would love to buy you dinner and hit a meeting!

vicariousrising said...

Love the dolls. Now I know what to get my best friend for Christmas. He's gonna love me forever.

Travel on your own terms is fun. Travel when you are away from family, tired and overworked sucks. Sorry, man.

Mary Christine said...

Traveling when you have kids at home really stinks. Unless you are coming to Denver..