Monday, April 09, 2007


I have a interview tomorrow at 4:00pm in santa monica. I am sort of nervous about the whole deal. I am still a person who doesn't like change regardless of the pain. I am just trying to think of this as nothing more than a simple sales call. My wife said I shouldn't act like myself because I am a asshole sometimes. I get nervous when I don't act myself and I am usually an asshole to people with egos. I am not sure if this guy has one, but I sure hope not. I hate the whole idea of trying to impress someone I don't even know. I have just prayed and put it into gods hands for now.


Meg Moran said...

your wife cracks me up

dAAve said...

Maybe you should be more like Gov. Arnold. He's an asshole to everyone but is a good enough actor to hide it sometimes.
Best 'o luck with the interview.

Mary Christine said...

Good luck with the interview. I don't think it helps to be convinced that you are an asshole. I sure don't think you are!

Christine said...

good luck with your interview.

Humilated is not the same as humble in my book.

Be you!

lushgurl said...

Yeah you rock Lash...just remember, we are all with you cheering you on
Go Lash, Go Lash
you can do it
Go Lash!!!
Hey and I don't rap for no one (good thing huh?)
love and HUGS

Trudging said...

Wow, good for you for interviewing brother! You are right, it is in God's hands.

Rusty said...

Good luck with your interview. Be yourself and you'll be great.

butterflygirl said...

wife would know best, right?