Saturday, July 07, 2007

jr pewee football

My oldest son is playing football, yes. We went to the coaches meeting today and I saw more fathers in tank tops then I have ever seen before. Ego was so thick in the room that I found myself gasping for oxygen. These overweight slobs were trying to impress others by their weight and of lack of muscle. Whatever, it was more a guy bullshit thing than anything else. It's just weird being sized up by people who probably never played football. I did play through Junior year and then found something more profitable dealing drugs.


Meg Moran said...


Scott W said...

All that testosterone fighting with itself. Insane.

sober jen said...

Just give it up, let it float away, and focus on what you can bring to this to make it better. You're probably the only person there who knows it's about KIDS playing a game. Not about adults.