Wednesday, February 11, 2009

dead sober

I have been talking with a guy in the program who has a great life with kids and a good wife yet he wants to throw it all away on drinking. It is the same story and it is truly sad. The person reasoning is fear of the uncertainty. I told the person that life is full of uncertainty and the only thing I can do for certain is not to drink today.


dAAve said...

Your pictures kill me. LOL

Ann said...

Wow! It is cumming and powerful, hugh?!?! I am dealing with the exact same situation! Perspective is a funny thing - we look at them and think they have it all and they look in the mirror and think "I have nothing"...scarrrrrrrry!

Syd said...

Fear of the uncertainty would be quelled if drinking because there would be certainty of all kinds of things, like family disruption, financial ruin, personal hatred, etc.
Glad that you talked to the guy.