Saturday, February 21, 2009

Men Vs Women

men vs women differences

We had my wife's birthday party tonight and of course our friend with the 2 1/2' vodka bottle was here tonight. She has almost finished it and as she left I told her she should chug it. She looked at me strange because she knows my story well. They couldn't keep up to me when I was drinking. The others were drunk too and laughing at shit I had no clue what about.

The alcohol around me with our friends does not bother me because they are normal and drink only once in a while. Plus I like to fuck with them. I think the only way I will drink again is if I hijack a Heineken truck and drive it into the desert were I could be alone to enjoy my cargo.


dAAve said...

Keep comin' back, Lash.
Keep comin' back.

Scott said...

lol Lash you make me laugh!

Joe said...

You are the one _with_ a clue.

Best wishes, and hope to see your post on shedding the little man soon.

Fireblossom said...

I saw your blog listed in Vicarious's links, and I just had to see who "Coffee Bitch" was. What a perfect name. I took one look at the banner and laughed out loud.

Me, i would hijack an ice cream truck.