Friday, February 06, 2009

fuck little man

My resentments torwards my boss are pileing up on a daily basis. He has found things to screw with me on and I am ready to knock his head.

I need to give him less power over me in my life and give some back to god.


Pam said...

that's working for me at the moment.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Of course if you're like me you need the job, but the power issue, you've got it, give it to your HP and not a human! Sending hugs!

Ms Hen said...

my best guy friend came over for dinner the other month with his girlfriend.

he talked about a time when he was so depressed he thought of suicide(but not to actually do it)..just the thought of escaping..

And why....?? Because of his boss at work..........

And he is a social worker........and it still got to him...........the good news was the boss left.. and than he enjoyed his job.

He could not find another job and had a wife and a child so he kept on going..

Do bosses really know how hurtful they can be to others...?? (there should be a more humane way to lead at work).

Anyway his girlfriend said (his wife died from cancer 4 years ago)... well she said.. that Depression sometimes is REPRESSED Anger. You can't solved something so you repress it and it turns to depression.

When something is out of my control I get depressed too.....until I find a solution. The solution could be learning to ignore bad behavior or looking for a new line of work; or learning to understand your boss moodiness and maybe having compassion and being able to ignore it??

Just sharing ESH...

Someone really hurt me recently; and I learned to have compassion for that person.......and to let the resentment go that way.. (it helped a bit)