Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have been riding a storm of resentments toward by boss. I know he is an asshole however I am not going to drink over his sorry ass. So I need to pass it on to my higher power.. right! Its a bitch though because I want to take it back so bad.

Once I can get out of this financial insecurity I am going to take a long vacation.

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Ms Hen said...

..(hugs)...even people who don't drink do hurtful things in other ways to themselves when we get full of resentments or hurts by others.. (keep the faith up)...

I went to an OPEN AA meeting and it gave me hope that my daughter might stop drinking. It gave me an inside look at the struggles and strength.

I feel like I could have gotten those addicted genes was a matter of luck I did not get them.. they skipped over me..

sending you (((hugs)))

And be proud of your day to day accomplishments.