Wednesday, August 08, 2007

kids and life

This has been a crazy ass ride. I have been at the heap of the bottom and now I am moving towards the top. I make sure my ass does not stay too far from the program.   I have all of my life today to thank for because of god and the program. Another part to the puzzle is going to bible study, which helps me keep the hands off of the control panel. When I take the controls in my life I always take a nose dive. I held off the controls of my life today and things are great.



dAAve said...

I hear ya.
For this alkie, it's constant practice of Step 3, hour after hour after hour.

butterflygirl said...

It can be hard not having the feeling of control.

recoveryroad said...

What Dave said, really.

I didn't know you were into God/Bible thing. Good for you if it works for you.

Take it easy, matey.

Christine said...

love the roller coaster, but hate the ride

Mary Christine said...

Good stuff.