Friday, August 31, 2007

catch up

Finally the weekend is here and I can play catch up on my work. I can also catch up to my blog peps. I feel a little stressed with the job thing. I feel it is going south, so oh well. The first football game for my son is tomorrow. I hope he does well or just has fun. The coach is from the barrio so he thinks he is a tough guy. I hope the kids get past his ego and just play the game. Whatever it's out of my hands, for now.


JesseTheCat said...

I saw you came and looked at my blog ! Thanks for the visit I appreciate it.I also want to say that I hope the weekend is awesome for you and yours :)

Pam said...

damn, I wish you didn't have to catch up on your work, and could catch up on your fun instead!
Enjoy the game.

Christine said...

I can relate to catching up
I gotta catch up on breathing

Oh I hope your son has fun playing the game no matter whose ego gets in the way

Lucy said...

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