Monday, August 27, 2007

life on life

wow life feels crazy as hell for me. the three boys are making me feel like a circus act intead of a father. I just am trying my best to stay focused on being the best dad I can be.. I wish things would slow down just a nano minute.


dAAve said...

Maybe they want a clown instead of a dad. Either way, you will do the next right thing.

Tab said...

being the best you can be for today is well the best Lash! don't let your kids burn you out though..I honestly think it has to do with this time of year..once school starts the kids get their routines back..and we get a little more relaxed also.
You are a doing a fab
treat yourself to a nice deep breath :)

Syd said...

I think that your wanting to be the best dad says a lot. You are willing to be the best dad. I think that your kids know that.