Wednesday, August 01, 2007

hop scotch in San Fran

My youngest son hop scotching in San Francisco...He is my baseball player.


sober Chick said...

Oh band aids needed! Well he is an athlete so I am sure that is something you are and will be getting use to -- small (hopefully) injurues :)

Syd said...

I remember those skinned shins, hands and elbows. I know that you are glad to be home.

Redhead Gal said...

very cute!!!

Mary Christine said...

How cute! I was so surprised to hear that my 30 year old son is the hopscotch champion where he is now... and you know where that is.

butterflygirl said...

too cute

dAAve said...

He does that better than Barry Bonds.

Tab said...

that is too cute!
I miss San Fran.
Years and Years ago my buddies and I got drunk one night and went ice blocking.Do you know what that is >?
You buy a block of ice.
Sit on it at the top of a grassy hill and go sliding.LOL.
That cracks me up now when I think about it.
Anyhoo...I left my frostbitten ass in

rusty said...

So, so, so cute!

just another addict said...

Very, very cute. Actually you can tell he's a good athlete by his cross step -- he just crossed a bit too far on that one.