Monday, September 10, 2007


photo by nick koudis

I went shopping last night for food because we were running low. Now that the boys are getting older the cost of supporting them has increased dramatically. What the hell can you do? I haven't heard a thing about the job, so I assuming nothing is going to happen. oh well..


Tab said...

never assume
and where the HELL
do you find these
pictures Lash?

I have gone private but have no way to send you an invite as you don't appear to have an email addy here ?

Well..I am still going to pop in on you :)

Mary Christine said...

Where did you get that picture of me grocery shopping?

butterflygirl said...

I have heard that growing boys can eat like crazy!

dAAve said...

All those sports and they EAT TOO?

Syd said...

You could make them plant a vegetable garden and bring in some crops. It's good mental and physical exercise.

Anonymous said...

The real eating is yet to come, D! Just wait until each one of them starts drinking a gallon of milk a day. And the feet?? Try keeping them in gym shoes once they hit puberty.
Love to you,

Christine said...

God's got a plan for you is what I hear when I wonder about the job thing