Monday, September 03, 2007


Let's see daave was right..Hungry: My eating habits almost don't exist. Angry: a little at other people. Lonely: All the time. Tired: Whats not being tired.. Wow, I will start today by eating.. It's easy to forget to look for the signs, but shit I have them all. I think I need a overhaul on my program.


dAAve said...


Kelly Neuman said...

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molly said...

I need to remember these as well. I guess after a while you get comfortable and confident and forget you need to take care of those basics! Have a blessed day!

Syd said...

If I'm tired and hungry and angry, I'm setting myself up to go to a bad place. Things then come to a HALT whether I want them to or not.

Alcoholic Brain said...

I do that too. Food? Oh yeah...

Tab said...

yup.and sleep naked .
take care.
and thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

it takes work to get the eating, sleeping, exercising and letting others in accomplished
eating well is always a good start tho

Scott said...

time for a nap dude, and maybe a retreat :-)

Katia said...

I never thought about this before -
sitting back and listening (reading) sometimes sure has its benefits!

I am always tired.
I am always hungry.
I am angry lately....a lot.
I am too busy to be lonely.