Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I had fun watching and playing baseball with our neighbors boys. We sat and watched my youngest son practice and then we all went to another field to throw the ball. You could tell how much they missed having a dad.

I am in the isolation stage again in my program. I don't know if it's the lack of hours or the lack of effort. I must keep moving ahead and add another meeting during the week.


dAAve said...

My isolation seems to runin cycles too. When I recognize it, I do my best to hang around with other alkies, even though I'm not really there. The feelings always disappear soon.
Batter up! ...

Mary Christine said...

More meetings sounds like a good idea. Those boys (yours and theirs) are so blessed to have you in their lives.

Katia said...

I am often torn between isolation and reaching out. I tend to "want" to reach out but always end up pulling within myself. I am having a difficult time getting beyond the "you are a grown woman and need to deal...not bother others with your issues." This is engrained in me no matter how many times my friends say "Call me..any time!" The idea of inconveniencing someone makes me extremely uncomfortable and I dont know what its going to take for me to break through that.

Ok this was a long round about way of saying...I understand where you are coming from.
Hang in there!

Christine said...

yeah, I keep running into old patterns of behavior. A meeting is one of the great solutions