Saturday, June 09, 2007


I had dinner tonight with my wife and several friends of ours. They are norms but fun to hang around. They were drinking martini's but had just two each. So it's perfect for me to be around, because they don't drink a lot. For some reason the more a person drinks the more I want to drink. So if someone is drunk, that is the type of buzz I would want.

I can't hide from the world just because my life style is now different. If I am truly to survive, I need to coexist in a drinking and using world. That's what AA allows me to do, coexist.


dAAve said...

I think life is all about my relationships with humans. If I can't coexist, I can't exist.

Gwen said...


Have a great week Lashy~

lushgurl said...

I just don't get the concept of having only one or two drinks... but drunk people terrify me...
Living life is good today HUH?
All the best to you, and loads of love too!