Wednesday, June 13, 2007


What the hell, I am beat.. I have been busting my ass all week and my boss wants more. He can kiss my ass because I  not working like a dog unless he throws me some bones.

My youngest is graduating from kindergarten tomorrow. He thinks he is in the bigtime now.. Maybe he is..


Recovering Wino said...

You know, with the pride stuff, you've got to start them young...kindergarten big shot


Mary Christine said...

That's so cute. All the way around.. .you waiting for a bone, and mr. bigshot graduating from kindergarten. Good Stuff.

jrhighpeteacher said...

Bosses are much like sponsors. They always want more. More growth, more action...

Kindergarden graduations are the BEST! He is in the big time now.

Only 2 more days of work!

just another addict said...

I second what MC said, D.
And also I think you rock.

Rusty said...

Congrats, Lash. My little one graduated from preschool last week. She's was so proud.

For what it's worth I had a crappy day, too, and almost walked out. But I didn't. And I didn't drink. When I was in treatment, we used to say "put your hand in my hand and we'll do this together." :-)

Scott said...

here's to more bones, my friend!