Sunday, June 03, 2007



I am heading out to practice with my oldest boy. His team is in the playoffs and I bought him a lighter bat. He was a switch hitter last year and the bat he has is to heavy to hit left handed. So there go's another $100.00. He wants to switch hit in the playoffs because of the left handed pitchers.

My wife is back from oregon and the boys are happy. They really love their mother..She bought me the new book by Cormac McCarthy. He is my favorite author..


Mary Christine said...

You're a good dad Lash.

ScOuT said...

Hey, MC stole my favorite line to you!
You are a great father, my dude! They'll remember all these times, Lash --they surely will.

lushgurl said...

Love baseball, but you already know that right? Ummm, can I get your sons autograph, and yours too!!
Speaking of books...I'm gonna tag you for a book reading thingy!!
Love ya Lash!

...see Scott-Sober Nuggets or Lounge Daddy for details of the tag- I haven't done mine yet!

Scott said...

new books, yum! new bats, yum! wife comes home from a trip, priceless!