Monday, June 18, 2007

what the

My boss hired his nephew and wants me to train him to work in my territory. There is something wrong with this picture, but whatever. If he wants me gone than so be it. I am too tired to give a shit about this job. I do the best I can and thats got to be worth something. It will be weird, but what isn't in this world. I am part owner of the company so if I leave I will get something. Perhaps scraps, however being sober and dealing with a fear is a hell of a lot easier than being drunk and worrying about everything.


recoveryroad said...

Do you know for sure he wants you gone, especially if you are an equity owner in the firm?

Might be your alcoholic head ...

[I know my head would tell me the nephew is a threat...I'd have dug a shallow grave, already]

Have a good sober day.


just another addict said...

Agreed with Kenny -- my head would go there for sure even if it didn't belong there.
Also agreed with you, Lash--better than being drunk and worrying about everything.
As for your offer for a fight????? Hmmm.....I can maybe take ya! lol!
Thank you making me laugh when I read your comment.
U r a dear man, D,

Meg Moran said...

holy shit. we are all so probably means you are getting some long over due help.

sober Chick said...

I third Kenny. Perhaps it is a compliment that he wants you to train his nephew, perhaps he sees you as a very valuable and dedicated worker that he trusts.

Syd said...

Hey Lash, hang in there. If you are part owner, I would doubt that you are going to be dumped. I would just live in the moment and do the training.