Saturday, June 16, 2007

always behind

I was thinking about when I use to drink and use I always felt way behind in my work. It was a constant struggle for years to keep up on a weekly basis. Most of the time projects would just pass me by. Today I am not struggling to keep up and the reason is that I am sober.


Syd said...

Before I joined Al-Anon I could keep up with more things and be frenetic. Now I don't want to do a lot of things, just those that are most important. It seems I just want to Keep It Simple. I'm much more laid back now.

Mary Christine said...

Happy Saturday when you are not struggling to keep up.

just another addict said...

I always had moments of huge productivity when I was using, but they were only moments. I can sustain it now that I am clean.
Once I return to work, I think some boss is gonna like me. ;-)

sober Chick said...

Heck ya it is amazing how much time one has when his or her life is not being dictated by the bottle. Somehow I had to re-experience this ugly fact first hand.

Scott said...

ahhh, yes the old gravity bong, wow been awhile wince I've seen one of those, wow!