Friday, June 22, 2007

What's for Breakfast

I use to start my morning with a variety of pills oxycontin's, allergy, high blood pressure and a occasional vitamin. This was all followed by a 750ml bottle of crown royal. Thank god I don't start my mornings like that anymore.


dAAve said...

An nourishing cocktail followed by the appropriate chaser.

Mary Christine said...

Did you do the crossword puzzle?

Pam said...

hmmm Breakfast of Champions??
Man I'm glad also, that I can actually start my day on my own steam now....well my steam and some coffee.

Syd said...

Remember the Kicks are for Kids commercial? Seems to be so true.

Christine said...

thank God and AA---happy you are where you are

sober jen said...

Wow. I'm glad you don't start your mornings like that anymore too.

Life is nicer without it, don't you think?

just another addict said...

I'm glad you through that occasional vitamin in there ;-)
You and I would have gotten along well -- oh, what am I saying?? I would have stolen your oxy's and then we could've had a big fight after we both got
Seriously, that's a hell of a cocktail. I am so grateful you are still alive, sober, and a part of my recovery today!!!!
Love you, D,